I arrived in Pangnirtung on May 14 and it has been a great couple weeks getting more familiar with the hamlet, settling into the town and meeting a ton of great people. Everyone has been very welcoming and although I am a new face around town I have been greeted with many smiles and friendly waves. I have already been invited to dinner and tea by multiple people and it was really great to feel so welcomed. Since arriving the biggest adjustment I have made has nothing to do with the weather (which has actually been quite nice) or the lack of darkness (which I am still getting used to) but has been getting used to living in such a beautiful place.

The hamlet of Pangnirtung is located in Pangnirtung Fjord which empties into Cumberland Sound and has striking mountains in almost every direction. Every time I have gone outside or looked out a window I am taken back by how beautiful the view is and it is something that I do not feel will wear off.

There was a snowfall and a bit of wind over the long weekend after I arrived but after that the weather cleared and almost a full week of sunshine followed. The combination of the fresh snow, blue skies and sunshine made an already striking landscape even more remarkable. I took any chance I could to walk around the community and take pictures and did almost daily walks up the large hills behind town to get some shots. The sea ice has been breaking up out in Cumberland Sound but is still present in Pang Fjord and will likely be around for a couple more weeks. I am still developing my photography skills but one thing I have already learned is that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take amazing pictures here as the landscape does all the work for you.

I am looking forward to developing my knowledge of photography and using it to capture this beautiful area of Canada as the snow melts and spring becomes summer.

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