A group friends and I got a birds-eye view of the ice break up in the fjord on the summer solstice when we went out for a hike up the hills behind town. We thought it would be cool to go for a late night hike on the longest day of the year. It was a bit overcast when we set out but given that weather in the days before had been very windy and rainy we were quite happy. We walked up the hills behind town and climbed higher and higher up the side of the fjord. Again I was blown away but the sheer scale of the landscape and the difficulty in assessing distance. From town the hills seemed quite close but as we walked up they were much further than I expected (although the hiking was still very easy). It was really neat to see the fjord from higher up especially with the mix of ice and open water.

We had a great hike and just as I was walking in my door to go home around 2:30 am the clouds began to break and some blue sky began to show. I decided to keep going and hiked up another smaller hill right behind town. As I did the wind died right down to nothing and the sun began to come out. It was very quiet in town and I sat on the top of the hill and watched the sun come out from behind the clouds while listening to the flow of the streams around me and the birds chirping. It was really peaceful and a moment I enjoyed very much. After about an hour the wind picked up again and the clouds moved back in. I walked back home thankful for the peaceful break in the weather and the chance to get a glimpse of the sun during the longest night of the year.

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