One of the things I have enjoyed most about this blog is having a venue to share photos and many of my posts have been based on pictures of the beautiful landscapes surrounding Pangnirtung. However, I have also met tons of great people, been lucky enough to attend a wedding, helped out with several community events, barbeques and feasts all of which would also be great topics for the blog. While I have been attending these events I have decided to just enjoy myself and not take pictures. I did take tons of pictures at the wedding (which was a great time) but they were for the bride and groom and their families not my blog lol. The following post is another one devoted to the beautiful environment around me but I just wanted to mention that there is a lot more to Pangnirtung than the beautiful surroundings I have been focusing on in my blog; there is also a great community of friendly, welcoming people.

Now on to the blog at hand. I was lucky enough to tag along with a friend going out seal hunting on Canada day and although we didn’t get any seals it was an awesome day out on the water! The ice in Cumberland Sound and Pangnirtung Fjord has broken up but the high winds in the past weeks has blown huge amounts of offshore ice back into the area. Pangnirtung Fjord is still open but there are huge sheets of ice out in Cumberland Sound which has made it quite hard to travel very far as the ice is blocking the way in most directions. The offshore ice that has blown in is strikingly blue and still quite thick.

We cruised out to the mouth of the fjord with fog rolling around us until we hit a massive sheet of ice that blocked our way. We cruised up the edge of the ice and a couple harp seals checked us out as we drove by in the boat; ringed seals is what we were after though. We also saw lots of eider ducks, geese, arctic loons and seagulls but most were fairly far off and not within camera range. The water was as calm as glass as there was very little wind which gave it a beautiful mirror effect. The combination of the calm water, blue sky, rolling fog and countless sculptures of ice around us made for an absolutely beautiful setting. I was very grateful to get out and enjoy this beautiful environment and I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

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