It has been a busy couple weeks and I thought I would upload a couple pictures from the past weeks of early summer

Early in July we had a little stretch of rough weather where the winds were quite high. Cumberland Sound has been full of offshore ice since late June and the mix of open water, ice and warmer summer air masses can create high winds. The wind comes off the mountains, funnels down the fjord and picks up speed. Although the winds were high the air was quite warm but planes were still not landing. The winds would gust off the mountains and pick up water from the fjord creating mini twisters and sheets of wind and water. I have attached a couple pictures of this below.

After the weather cleared some friends and I camped across the fjord for a weekend and had a great time! We did lots of hiking, fishing and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. We also learned how to make a fire out of the bushes that blackberries grow on (although the blackberries are just forming). We made tea from burning the bushes which gave the tea a delicious smoky flavour. I have attached some photos below.

After a couple weeks of foggy and windy weather we have had beautiful sunny weather which has been very much enjoyed. The Duval River runs off of the mountains behind town into the fjord and also supplies the community’s drinking water. A group of friends and I hiked up the river valley on a beautiful sunny day. I have shared some pictures of the hike and river valley below.

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